Saturday, April 10, 2010

week 9

Here I added some extra oak supports to the aft bench seat beams.

Laying out the 2nd layer of 3/8" okume plywood deck.

Detail of the fit at the transom.

The 2nd layer meeting the old deck.

Detail of the layout of screws.

Both sides glued and screwed down.

The screw holes were filled with micro balloons and epoxy as well as the entire foredeck for fairing.

First layer of fairing compound being sanded fair.

Last bit of the old deck is removed to where the coaming will end.

One more coat of fairing compound is skreeted over the foredeck.

I taped off the bilge area for painting.

Here are two coats of Bilgekote sanded inbetween with 120.

The dynel is brought onboard.

One side is rolled out and rough cut and taped to the center line.

Both sides are fit, cut to trim, and taped down.

A detail of the chain plates.

Wetting it out with laminating resin epoxy.

Another detail of the chain plate area.

There you have it. The deck is finished. Now all that is needed is a coat of primer and a couple coats of paint.