Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week 8 Photos

I started the week off by fairing, roughly, the new plank.

The a straight line was cut along this deck beam where the old deck will meet the new deck.

The inner bulk heads begin to go in.

All the pieces cut, fit, and sealed with two coats of penetrating epoxy

Port side installed with trim cap.

This piece of oak was laminated to get the height and installed. This bulks up the sole beams and is where the big bulkhead will land. It also acts as a backing board to the step down into the cabin.

I decided to strengthen the coaming beams with 4" wide 1" thick oak supports in between each beam.

After both sides were installed, I faired out the shape of the coaming.

I used a router and jig to rabbit out the old deck 3/8" to give a nice overlap scarph where the top layer of plywood will go.

Here is the first layer of 3/8" okume plywood butted up to the old deck.

View looking aft. Port side is epoxied on and fastened with 1" SS screws.

Both sides of the deck are on! Second layer will go on tomorrow.

Here I am fitting the beams that support the aft bench seat.

First beam is in.

Followed by two more. These are glued onto the frames using G-Flex and #12 2" SS fasteners.