Friday, April 30, 2010

week 12

A coat of 50/50 primer and topsides paint is brushed on to the hull

STBD side 2nd coat of primer.

And here are 3 coats of finish paint.

looking at the bow, 3 coats of interlux Hatteras Off White 1990.

Its always satisfying to pull the tape.

The red boot gets cut up to the topsides.

Here is one coat...another to go.

The bronze rudder fitting is screwed back on.

Tape is being pulled off the boot after two coats of paint.

Now begins work on the toe rails and bow chocks.

Both sides dry fit and two finish coats of interior paint.

A shot of the port chock and toe rail.

They are removed and reinstalled with natural bedding compound, and bunged.

The interior got a finish coat of paint as well, and after the hull was done, I filled up the bilge with water.

To my surprise, she only leaked a little from the keelson. I expected a lot more water then this.

By the end of the day, the new toe rails had 3 coats of varnish hot coated.