Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 10

I didnt feel as productive this week as most, but im not sure why. Looking back at the pictures from the week, I think a lot was done and maybe im just feeling the stress of the final weeks before launching.

I was able to get a coat of a two part epoxy primer on the dynel deck and later two coats of hull paint. A mixture of Kirby's cream yellow and white. This was rolled on. Afterwards, the deck looks just like canvas, feels like canvas, only with a small overlap down the center, which doesnt bother me too much.

Then I started focusing on the hull. I first made plugs using a hole saw and backing blocks. The backing blocks were screwed down from the inside and the bungs placed in the holes with a lot of G Flex epoxy. Since the hole saw uses a pre drill to make a guide hole, the hole in the center had to be bunged as well. As these were drying, I got distracted by the teak sole, and went at it pretty hard for the next two days. It came out really well and the bungs were put in on Saturday. I made the entire center of the sole, three planks wide, lift out for easy bilge access. Afterwards, I got out my old friend the long board and began fairing out the hull with 80 grit. When both sides of the topsides were done, I used a two part light body filling compound to fill all the screw heads in. The topsides are basically ready for a primer coat before I start to re-fill any cotton or seam compound. Look forward to some paint being put on next week.