Friday, April 23, 2010

Week 11

First coat of primer goes on the topsides

A shot of the bow, primed.

The rudder gets bottom paint, boot strip and primer.

The transom was faired after being skreeted with fairing compound. The two vertical supports and backing block are installed.

A Rule bilge pump is installed in the bilge. This will be an important tool.

The new thru hull fitting for the bilge pump.

From the outside.

A new spline is added to the garboard forward on the STBD side to close the gap some more.

Cotton is rolled in where needed.

And filling the seams being. Here, Sika Flex is squeezed in between the ballast and keelson.

For under the waterline, a mixture of water proof seam compound, roofing cement, and pine tar is used.

Above the water is simply seam compound.

I cut new toe rails out of Fir and fit the bow chocks in.

The interior is prepped for primer. The teak sole is covered with paper.

A coat of primer is applied to the entire interior.

A shot looking aft of the finished coat of primer.

and....BOTTOM PAINT! I can't believe I am at this stage.

It is extremely satisfying to see the entire bottom covered with new paint. Tomorrow the second coat will go on followed by the topsides and boot stripe.