Sunday, January 23, 2011

week 15 / 2011

Pompano in 2011


As I left her last Spring

Starting work on the coamings. STBD Side is screwed, Port is only Clamped

Both pieces come together FWD and screw into the nosing block

A view from underneath where it attaches to the carlin and supporting blocks

Both FWD pieces are now screwed in place

Then removed for gluing with 5200

G-Flex is applied to where the FWD ends attach to the nosing block

All glued in. Notice the white line of 5200 caulk along the deck seam

Fitting the AFT pieces

Port scarf joint. Not bad.

Looking down on the scarf joint.

Detail of the fit on the transom.

Here you can see where i've sketched out the detail at the end of the coaming.

Wide view to see all four coaming pieces in place. The aft ones still need to be shaped and glued.