Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 6 Photos

The new stern support beam against the old. This will show above the after bench seat, so I made a nice little swoop at the end.

The 2x9 Fir stock used for the new sheer clamp and carlins. Here the clamp is getting sawn.

...And faired.

New carlin with old carlin.

After I slipped getting into the boat, I decided a floor was needed.

I installed these oak floor beams, tying them into the frames.

And in one day, I had all the cockpit sole beams in place, fastened, and bunged.

here is my temporary plywood sole. This gives you idea of the size of the cockpit. The bulkhead will start will this sole ends.

I installed the stem shoe with natural bedding compound.

All the stern "pieces", the support beams and backing block were removed and I began to fair the transom with a power planer.

Removal of the port sheer clamp. This is the scarph joint where the new clamp will fit.

Ah! The sheer clamp is gone. This made me pretty nervous.

But seeing those shining 1/4" bolts holding the new one on made me feel pretty good. The scarf is a nice fit.

Making my first copper rivets going through the planking, frame and into the new clamp.

Here it is fully installed minus 3 rivets that were done the next day pending dutchmens in the sheer plank.

This is one of the areas of the sheer plank in need of a dutchmen.

The junk is removed.

And a larger section removed forward.

The new piece is put in place with g-flex and two fasteners.

The larger got 4 fasteners.

Pretty nice fit.

The new carlin is in place for fitting and drilling.

I had to let-in the areas where the carlin will be touching the rivet heads from the clamp so it fits flush.

The carlin is held in place with size 1/4" stainless bolts and fastened from outside at the transom. Notice here the aft knee is installed under the carlin and the bolt holes are bunged.

Here you can see what the new side looks like versus the old.

At the end of the day friday, I managed to remove the old carlin on the STBD side. Here is one of the rotten iron fasteners that split out the wood.