Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 5 Photos

Here I am sealing the interior of the boat with the linseed oil mix.

After a late night, the entire interior is sealed.

After six coats of varnish, the mast is ready for hardware installation.

One of the spreaders broke, so I made two new ones of Fir.

Here they are varnished and installed.

A detail of where the spreaders meat the mast and lowers.

New rope is cut to length, whipped, and rigged.

The beginning of rebuilding the mast step area. Here the old floor and frame heels have already been removed and new pieces in place for fitting.

I tapped my own through bolts that come in from the bottom of the keelson through the top of the floor. 1/4" bronze bolt stock.

You can see the bronze bolt here. I used 5/16" stainless bolts to tie into the frames. The frames have two 1 3/4" fasteners on the top into the old frames, as well as some G-Flex glue. And then the planks were refastened from the outside with the same bronze fasteners.

Floor and frame heels at station 7 removed.

New pieces installed.

I take a break from floors and frames to make a new mast step. This is the underside.

Old vs. New.

Here is the old floor at station 8 and the new one rough cut.

I removed the old coaming beams and cut new ones in White Oak.

Back to floors and heels. Here is station 8 fit and installed. This one has two bronze through bolts.

The mast step is fastened into the floors using #16 bronze fasteners 3" long.

A detail of the mast step. It also has a bronze through bolt for extra support.

Today I finished up with beginning to cut out and fair some Fir for the sheer port shear clamp.