Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 4

Throughout the week, I was able to remove the sole and finish sanding between all the frames, floors, and forepeak.

After bleeding from my fingertips, I adopted the old technique of wrapping them in tape for protection.

I was able to adhere some fiberglass cloth on the mast for chafe protection from the gaff.

First of six coats of varnish go on.

Chafe gear, after all is said and done. Not too visible.

I remove the stem shoe to get access to the carriage bolts holding down the floor timbers.

A rotted out station 6, floor and frame heels.

The new against the old.

Roughly in place.

Also roughly in place. These are not installed yet.

New fasteners get put through the forward chain plates.

It makes you feel good to look inside and see shining new bronze bolts and nuts.