Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 3

The finished mast cheek blocks.

While still waiting to place the chafe gear, I got a couple coats of paint on the top.

The toe rail and chock is off, and here I am beginning to take the port rub rail off.

After cleaning up some of the bronze hardware, it is installed to the main boom.

The difference a little wire wheeling can do to old bronze. I kind of like the look of the old bronze better.

The ceiling before removal.

And after removal.

I expose some of the old cedar decking underneath an 1/8" of ply and old canvas.

A self portrait crammed up in the bow with the heat gun and scraper going.

And the pile grows!

I used a circular saw to cut away the deck planks where I am going to begin removing the deck.

Off comes the old decking.

Here is the deck removed aft, exposing the carlins which mark where the coaming will go. This will all get ripped out and replaced with new wood.