Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Week of Work

Pompano's Hull is completely stripped, ready for sanding and sealing.

Port side bow. The planking is cedar except for a oak sheer strake.

STBD side. The planks have been fairly peppered with fasteners over the years.

Mast with all its gear on in the paint shed.

From the bottom.

All the hardware and rigging was taken off and labeled. The ropes and stays will be replaced with new.

Mast and boom hardware.

The fiberglass chaffing guard on the mast is being taken off with a chisel.

A lighter 6 or 8oz. cloth will be put in its place.

Beautiful Fir is revealed under the old varnish.

I set in old bronze screws left over from the old sail track.

A loose gudgeon is removed from the rudder.

The rudder, sanded and sealed.

The booms stripped and sanded from 80 to 120 to 180 grit ready for sealer.

The bare mast suspended from the ceiling.

The first coat of sealer, a mixture of 1/3 elixir (mostly linseed oil with some diesel fuel, etc) and 2/3 Allspar varnish.

The booms get coated as well.

A detail of the gaff gooseneck, the outer fingers are teak.