Tuesday, February 8, 2011

week 17

Last week the STBD bulkhead was finished. This week began by making a new stick jig in order to cut out a plywood mold for the Port bulkhead. With this cut out, I was able to fit it in place and install the Mahogany cleats. Then the Port Orford Cedar was cut and fit into place, screwed, removed, glued up, and screwed back in. Now both bulkheads are in place and glued.

Then it was time to get two sheets of 1/4" plywood cut to a rough shape of the cuddy top. The first piece was used to transfer lines from the deck beams underneath for my screw placement. With this done, I was able to trace out the second piece, clamp them together and drill pilot holes where I wanted them. Then, I mixed up a batch of thickened epoxy and spread it out on top of the deck beams. Both sides of the plywood that contact each other were covered in epoxy and sandwiched together. Both pieces were placed in place and screwed into the deck beams from the center outboard. I put two space heaters inside the cabin with two lamps to provide as much heat as I could to insure the epoxy would go off over night in the cold. The next day, I cleaned up the edges of the plywood and faired them to the coamings and bulkhead.

I put a coat of Penetrating Epoxy on the top of the cuddy to seal it, especially the end grain of the ply. Then, I was able to tape off the coamings and begin sanding. I sanded them down with 80 grit on a random orbital before switching to the speed file. After they were decently faired, I switched to 120 grit on a block sander. I chipped the bungs on the bulkhead and sanded that as well. Today, the 8th of Feb., I got the first sealer coat of varnish, a mixture of 50% Allspar and 50% thinner on the coamings. It was extremely satisfying to see the beautiful grain of the Wana explode when the varnish touched it.

The boat will sit like this over the next few weeks while I make a trip out west, then I have one week of work when I return in March before heading to Nantucket and preparing the IMPALA for her sailing trip to Italy in may. Stay tuned and look forward to that trip!