Sunday, February 6, 2011

week 17

Another stick jig is made for the Port bulkhead

And the plywood mold is cut and fit.

Then go in the cleats followed by the Port Orford Cedar.

Here they both are glued and screwed.

Here is the A/C plywood ready to rough cut to the shape of the cuddy top.

Here it is in place for marking the deck beams underneath.

And tracing out the second layer.

A little last minute fairing was needed.

Here are the two layers of plywood glued and screwed down to the beams.

An expanded view with the two space heaters and two lamps to help the epoxy go off.

A view looking aft after the edges of the plywood have been faired to the coamings, and the coamings are taped off for sanding.

Using the speed file with 80 grit to fair out the coamings.

Then going over with 120.

The first layer of varnish thinned 50% with thinner is applied.

The finished port coaming is contrasted with the bare STBD side.

Both sides are done, and the beauty of the Wana really stands out.